Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back in the ELP

Seems like a lifetime since we left colorado but its only been a month and a half. Since then we've been busy little beavers. Found an RV, painted its roof, had a slide show in Flagstaff, rented a uhaul to move the trailer to Hueco, painted the inside roof, started school, went climbing, took photo's, and have gone to home depot too many times to count. Ty Fuse put up a big roof on West this summer that is bound to be a big hit this year. A few days ago I finished up the "House of Saddam" roof on west. Started trying the left problem in the cave and cant even do half the moves yet. Time to get Swoll!!


PDrizzle said...

Yeah Buddy! See you soon!

Aleix said...


love that pictures sam!
they're all amazing, really good.
I can see your style and your firm on it. Expressing yourself as a photoclimber.


miss you all.

hugs to you and ana