Monday, December 13, 2010

winter break


TKingsbury said...

I always look but rarely seem to comment for some reason...great stuff as usual. Thanks for continued psyche.

Jaimito said...

Really nice pictures Sam!!!!
Have a good one

Aleix said...


I can guess that you're the happiest one right now. Living in your place in Hueco? I hope you enjoy the winter break as much as you deserve it!

did you use the flash in the M.roof?
I see Ana climbing, nice to see her again playing with the rocks!

see you soon!

sd said...

thanks. Yes used a flash on most of the martini photo's. Just got the 35mm f1.8 though so I can start taking some shots in the dark with out flash. Have you guys been bouldering over there?

Aleix said...

we're developing a new area in northern Barcelona. Up in the mountains, looks like Fontainebleau.
I'll upload some new pics as soon as I took them!hahaha
We're prepaing a shooting session for next week.