Monday, October 11, 2010

East Spur

Its hard not to take hundreds of bouldering photo's every weekend at Hueco Tanks. Each boulder problem is so unique. Went out to the East Spur Maze for the first time this season. Tried the crown link up a little. Got to climb with a super cool group of Catalan's on a world road trip who are spending their last couple weeks at Hueco. Check out their blog if you get a chance.

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Aleix said...

Hey Sam, great pictures!
I guess you're studying hard, but we hope to see you again next weekend, it's gonna be our last. We're leaving the 24th.

Check out:
they have some pictures from you. It's a famous spanish bouldering blog, with the best action pictures in the world. You and I are there! yeah!

see you soon!
hope that ana's finger is better