Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Day another Dollar

El Paso, TX is the new Boulder, CO. Never seen so many locals climbing here at Hueco Tanks.

The new super roof project that's been sitting in plane sight for the last 10 years. Adds 20 feet of climbing to an old Fred Nicole problem. Roof part is probably not even as hard as left martini.

More Free Willy action

The Gym


luis said...

Hi there!
Im from http://boulderfreaks.blogspot.com/, my names Luis.
I really dig your pics, and I was hoping i could post them on my blog every once in a while. Of course, i link them back to your blog. Im not trying to make any profit, just delivering good bouldering photos to fans around the world...please let me know if its ok!!
Keep up the good work!!!

sd said...

Yeah man. That would be awesome. the more they're out there the more they're seen

luis said...

Thank you!
Grettings from Spain!

Davin said...

That roof start project to Power of Silence is actually an old project. A very worthy one at that. Look in the Kitchen for more chalk and another worthy project.