Sunday, February 28, 2010

rock rodeo 2010

teamblimp represented in the 2010 rodeo with sd and yours truly entering the mutant category. after some warming up, our posse rolled 2 deep to the nachoman roof

sd marked down a staggering 14 falls, but ultimately sent his warm up project... el techo de los tres b's (the roof of the three b's!?):

el techo de los tres b

next on tap was the wonder hole dyno, and sd made it happen again:

wonderhole dyno

at this point our heroes were climbing by themselves, so please excuse the sloppy footage as your humble filmmaker rushes in to move pads.

the next stop was diabolique, with sd keeping up the momentum:


the tour de force continued at diaphanous sea, where sd sent on his first attempt:

diaphanous sea

next up was the sit down start to dirty martini on the rocks, aka tequila sunrise:

tequila sunrise

nearby was a classic problem suited to tall mutants, dean's journey:

dean's journey

the epic day continued with your gangly narrator climbing loaded with power, and sd doing loaded direct, both sending on the first attempt:

loaded direct

sd had a full scorecard with 6 problems, but the day wasn't over and team blimp continued uphill to barefoot on sacred ground:

barefoot on sacred ground

safety first.. some highball top outs were optional in the comp (in-valid bitch!)

last was an attempt at alma blanca:

alma blanca

sd took 2nd place to daniel woods in the 17th annual rodeo... a different male has won the mutant category each year, with sd and your humble narrator winning in 2004 and 2007 respectively. blimp's legendary ana b. is the only mutant to defend a title, dominating the women's field from 2005 to 2006.


Mike Personick said...

Hahaha sickk!!!! Nice work sd, and narrator

Unknown said...

Awesome post!!! Thanks for all the video. Way to represent.

Tony Chang said...

Yeah Sammy! You're awesome! I think you can beat Daniel, you just need to do terremer and esperanza next time.