Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old project die slow

This weekend I went to Cherry with Zack to try Flagstaff hardest project. After finding that we were joined and surrounded by thousands of flies we tried to climb. There is no instrument know to man that could have killed that many flies and left the population of flagstaff still breathing. We had no fire, no chemicals, no sticky tape. All we had was Zack air pistol and that would have just gotten messy.

Its surprising how something you've been trying for years can still feel so hard. After trying some new old beta on the Birtch Project I tried to do the start again. At one point I had really good feet that made the first move easy. I have lost these and after a few attempts I broke part of the starting pocket off. We left shortly after.

Sunday Zack and I went to the draw to try Pick Lighting Ultra with little luck. You would think by trying an endurance problem you would gain endurance. This rule however does not apply in the vortex that is flagstaff and I continued to fall in the same spots.

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